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Getting known into bouldering

Writing: Topi H (Sammonlahti elementary school)

Photos: Tuomo

You need new hobby or tired of old one? You want new experiments or different kind of challenges?

I’m Topi and I will tell some basics about bouldering. I have climbed about half year but have had to have brakes because of school and hobbies. Now I’m in internship at the BoulderSaimaa. I was given a task to write why I like climbing myself and why I would recommend it to others.

How did I get known into bouldering?

I got into bouldering in my birthday when I got a present ten times pass of bouldering. I was little bit suspicious about this sport because I didn’t know anything about it. I was worried about security how to fall right, where to walk an so one. My arms almost had no power and I wasn’t really ‘’in shape’’.  I was able to climb some routes but not that much. Only green ones and couple purples. In other words easiest and second easiest. I had to force myself to go climbing second time. I was really surprised after second time of climbing, because I was so much better and did more routes than first time. The feeling was so good when I did get up new routes that I can almost say I was addicted to that feeling. After I used my first 10x card I saw some big brogues.

How to start bouldering?

Starting bouldering is really easy. BoulderSaimaa bouldering gym has easy routes also for beginners. Staff will always help you if you have some questions or you need help for your route. First times you will notice that your progress is fast because you learn techniques how to place your feet better and get better grip from the holds.

Why you should try bouldering?

Bouldering is exiting way to challenge yourself and have new experiments.  You can try to challenge yourself with hard routes. Bouldering doesn’t need much preparations, you must only have flexible clothes and you are ready to go. You can rent your shoes from the bouldering gym and magnesium is on the house. Climbers use magnesium carbonate to eliminate sweaty hands that makes the climbing harder. You can choose when you come to climb and don’t need to stress about those annoying training times.

Route setting was part of my intership in BoulderSaimaa. It was quite fun to do new problems!

How much bouldering costs?        

Bouldering doesn’t cost much. Onetime payment of climbing is 9 euros for kids including shoes, and older than 15 years olds 13 euros. Year of unlimited climbing costs 550 euros. If you are going to buy one year membership you should buy your own shoes because if you climb couple times in week climbing it get cheaper and more useful to buy your own shoes. Good shoes costs about 80-140 euros. To see full price list check here.

Bouldering is exiting way to challenge yourself and have new experiments. Come and try for yourself!